I have recently finished my PhD at the University of Regensburg's math department and am now a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hannover's physics department. In my PhD, I have mainly worked on the Theory of Causal Fermion Systems. Details about my PhD can be found here. I am interested in many aspects of foundational physics. In particular, I've worked on projects related to
     - The CFS Theory,
     - Foundations of Quantum Theory,
     - Mathematical General Relativity,
     - Quantum Gravity.

Among other things, I have initiated and co-organise the following events:


I am also involved in the Campus Asyl mentoring program for refugees and in the Studienstiftung/DAAD program an(ge)kommen. Also, I've co-founded and am currently in the board of the Basic Research Community for Physics e.V.

The following video explains the Theory of Causal Fermion Systems to a general audience (in German):



Check out our most recent result on CFS:
(Easy-to-read summary on Page 2-4.)
A Hamiltonian Formulation of CVP