Winter Term 2018/19

Assistant, Introduction to Quantum Theory

Lecture of Klemens Hammerer.


Winter Term 2018/19

Assistant, Quantum Field Theory

Lecture of Tobias J. Osborne.


Winter Term 2018/19, Summer Term 2018

Seminal Papers in Physics (Seminar)


Summer Term 2018

Tutorial, General Relativity

Lecture of Domenico Giulini.


Winter Term 2017/18

Plenary Tutorial, Analytical Mechanics and Special Relativity

Lecture of Domenico Giulini.


Summer Term 2016, Winter Term 2015/16, Summer Term 2015, Winter Term 2014/15

Partial Differential Equations on Globally Hyperbolic Spacetimes (Seminar)

together with F. Finster, A. Platzer, C. Röken and J.-H. Treude


Winter Term 2016/17, Summer Term 2016, Winter Term 2015/16, Summer Term 2015, Winter Term 2014/15, Summer Term 2014

Was ist wirklich? Expertengespräche aus dem Spannungsfeld von Naturwissenschaft, Kultur und Religion

together with H.-J. Eckl, Sven Seeberg-Elverfeldt, Barbara Wittmann and Alfred Jockisch. Invited speakers.


Winter Term 2015/16

Assistant, Functional Analysis

Lecture of Felix Finster.


Summer Term 2014

Philosophy and Physics of Space and Time (Seminar)

together with Holger Leuz (Faculty of Philosophy).


Summer Term 2014

Assistant, Partial Differential Equations III: The fermionic projector and causal variational principles

Lecture of Felix Finster.


Winter Term 2013/14

Foundational Problems of Quantum Theory (Seminar)

together with Klaus Richter and Felix Finster.


Summer Term 2013

Tutorial, Probability Theory and Stochastics

Lecture of Harald Garcke.


Summer Term 2012

Tutorial, Quantum Theory for Prospective Teachers

Lecture of Thomas Filk.