Foundational Problems of Quantum Theory

Seminar, University of Regensburg, WS 13/14

F. Finster, K. Richter, J. Kleiner

Wednesday, 16:00 - 17:30, M 102, GRIPS


Quantum Theory is an established and extremely well tested part of physics. Nevertheless, several questions concerning the foundations of the theory remain unsettled. Examples include possible origins of quantum non-locality, the transition from the quantum to the classical domain, what measurements really are and whether the theory is completely linear (and thus, e.g., whether multiple universes exist).

In this seminar, we will study these problems in detail, discuss possible solutions and examine mathematical theorems which amend the knowledge of fundamental reality. The goal is to familiarize the student with mathematical and physical techniques of foundations of Quantum Theory and thus to bring him/her closer to the question "What do we really know about the nature of reality?".


Content / seminar plan:

Download as PDF including literature.

You can find parts of the course material on the GRIPS webpage of the course.


Vorbesprechung / organizational meeting:

The organizational meeting already took place. In case you are interested in joining the seminar and have missed the organizational meeting, please send us an email.

The seminar is open to students of physics, mathematics and philosophy. Necessary requirement: QM1-lecture or equivalent knowledge.